About Nataliya

Kent wedding photographer and Lifestyle photographer

About Nataliya


Glad you stopped by and wanted to know a little more about me! I much prefer to be behind the camera for a start!

And usually pull a face like this if photographed so its just not good – why I am even putting this here I don’t know I do love a laugh though!

Can I go back behind the camera now?!

These little people are my world

I’ve been a photographer for a quite a while I started shooting Landscapes when I lived in Australia and I still continue it in my spare time Here’s some pretty French Alps

Mountains france | Mont Blanc

Things you should know

I’m From Devon but lived in Sydney for 10 years and proudly a Australian citizen!

I went to photography school in Sydney

I learned on film

I always have my nails painted

I love Japanese food

I ADORE pandora charms feel free to buy one as a thank you 😉

I swear like a sailor but I can control it – lucky for you!

I really don’t like group shots because I hate screaming at 100 people to stand still and stop talking!!!

I can not….CAN NOT stand mushrooms