About Nataliya

Kent wedding photographer and Lifestyle photographer

About Nataliya


Glad you stopped by and wanted to know a little more about me! I much prefer to be behind the camera for a start!

And usually pull a face like this if photographed so its just not good – why I am even putting this here I don’t know I do love a laugh though!

Can I go back behind the camera now?!

photo About Nataliya

These little people are my world

Kids June 2013 1024x768 About Nataliya

I’ve been a photographer for a quite a while I started shooting Landscapes when I lived in Australia and I still continue it in my spare time Here’s some pretty French Alps

Mountains france copy About Nataliya

Things you should know

I’m From Devon but lived in Sydney for 10 years and proudly a Australian citizen!

I went to photography school in Sydney

I learned on film

I always have my nails painted

I love Japanese food

I ADORE pandora charms feel free to buy one as a thank youicon wink About Nataliya

I swear like a sailor but I can control it – lucky for you!

I really don’t like group shots because I hate screaming at 100 people to stand still and stop talking!!!

I can not….CAN NOT stand mushrooms

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