Inspiration & Temptation!

When I first started out in Photography it was with the old Leica M4-P I drew inspiration from Henri Cartier Bresson he remains one of my favourite photographers. while learning how to expose correctly and photography discreetly I poured over his books drawing inspirations for my own photography.

Now for my shoots I am trying to keep it modern and do what I enjoy not just what is in right now. I want to remain true to my photography and my goals as a photographer I want to for want of a better phase! “Keep it real”

I am addicted to this website

Green Wedding shoes I found it accidentally a few months back and haven’t stopped stalking since.

It’s An American site so a lot of the submissions are US based but it doesn’t matter as it’s all fab!

A Little closer to home we have

Wed in London A blog for the Urban Bride


Ciara is planning her own wedding and shares lots of useful information on weather you should allow children at weddings to the latest wedding dresses on offer and the dilemma of when you have your heart set on a place to get married only to find out it won’t be possible.

We all know vintage themed weddings are really at the height of wedding styling right now it’s hard to not get sucked in I know I’ve always liked vintage things and have several things in my home older than my husband (Hi darl)

Sara runs the very successful blog Under the Vintage Veil where you can see lots of real wedding submissions and Sara often runs some wicked competitions like the one currently where you can win your own wedding music.

And another of my favourite places to waste time I mean gather very important ideas for my shoots is Pintrest!

If you want to follow me and my boards my name is AkiraPhotos on there I tend to not only use it for photography so you might get bored of kids storage photos and tattoos I like!

But if you want an invite let me know and I can invite you and you can create you own ‘boards’ it all sounds very confusing but you will get the hang of it and lose many hours in the day on it!

Nataliya x

*I am just sharing I wasn’t paid or asked to share these blogs!