Lesnes Abbey Rock the Frock

Lesnes Abbey Rock the Frock

I’ve been wanting to rock my own frock for a while, but until then I mumbled on twitter how I needed to find willing people to rock their frocks. I actually got an overwhelming response which I wasn’t expecting you know, you write things out into public space and forget that people are actually reading!

So.. Donna was one of the first people to reply to my mutterings and we very quickly set up a date, as you know I am so frightfully busy :p

Donna has been married 11 years & got her dress out of storage & cleaned for the shoot!

rock the frock kent photographerI have lots of little ideas in my head some good some a little weird some brilliant

I wanted to do a shoot with someone who wore a white wedding dress, someone who isn’t afraid to do wacky things and loves a bit of a laugh


rock the frock | kent photographer

I wanted the final look to be muted and nostalgic because rocking your frock is about celebrating your wedding day looking back, getting some pictures you didn’t get on the actual day.

I wanted the flowers to be pale pink and to have pewter incorporated somehow I left that to the wonderful florist!

pink and pewter wedding flowers

I wanted Donna’s makeup to be subtle, noticeable but gentle. Donna is blessed with perfect skin, gorgeous hair and is naturally beautiful she doesn’t need a lot.

rock the frock | kent wedding photographer

I chose Lesnes Abbey ruins because I don’t think it’s a popular choice for shoots! It had what I wanted, ruins, historic, pewter tones and I thought it would work perfectly.

wedding photographer Kent

The sky was clear and the sun was blinding! Note I didn’t say hot, just blinding!

kent wedding photographer

We really did have a lot of fun Donna is a busy mum to four gorgeous children who helped me with some behind the scenes pictures!

lesnes abbey, kent wedding photographer

Kent wedding photographer

Obvviously no day is complete without a little cake and it was wedding related of course!

kent wedding photographer

I think for a 1st rock the frock session it went really well I couldn’t of done it without the following people who helped collaborate with me on this and make it perfect!

In keeping with doing the shoot locally I used local suppliers

Flowers by Gwenda at Vintage Floral Design

Makeup By Helen Hogg

Cupcakes by Angel wing cupcakes

And a huge thank you to Donna for being patient with me and being completely willing to climb trees!

kent wedding photographer

rock the frock | kent photographer

Nataliya x